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a litte audio preview

rtsr is there for peoples who want to share rare recording of Underworld. we are not only interested in trading, we want this place to be an environment for peoples to meet other peoples with the same musical interest. we try to keep this place as friendly as possible, we’re all music lover (maniac is a better term for most), everyone is welcome to join and to participate.

- yannick

rtsr-trade was founded six years ago, the list started almost as an alternitive to the official underworld dirtylist, where discussion of trading bootleg live gigs was understandably banned.

i'd been searching the net for some underworld gigs for a long time, had sourced about five through postal trades aranged with people via newsboards and discussion boards. the first person i ever traded with was yannick together we eventually gathered about ten live gigs and about twenty really rare tracks and shared them all.

but after a while the thought occured that there must be other people out there trying to collect this material too. underworld have been around since the eighties so there is a whole hoast of varying material available from various sources. i'd been running an underworld site called "ride the sainted rhythms" for about a year at that stage with lists of all the material i'd collected via trades. the site was designed to help anyone else out there who might also be collecting. it generated a lot of email from around the world; people who wanted to trade, people who just found it very hard to find any live recordings of the group.

so it seemed like logical progression to gather all these people together, have everyone in contact. so i started a little mailing list as part of "ride the sainted rhythms". rtsr-trade was born.

the list has changed a lot since it's creation and those first fifteen or so members. we've collected over sixty seperate live gigs, hundreds of rare and promo tracks, strange recordings and material nobody ever knew existed (besides underworld course). but it's not just about trading any longer...

yannick was encorperated early in the list's life as another moderator and we both decided that if the list was to last more than a few months without being shut down by record companies, we needed to set some important rules and show that rtsr-trade existed only to collect _rare_ material, the music you can't buy in the shops, online, or indeed anywhere else. anybody caught trading readily available underworld material (albums, singles etc...) would be banned immediately from the list, as would anyone found making money in any from from trading. thankfully we've only had to ban a few people in two years, but these rules have kept us in harmony with jbo, v2, uw, dirty.org, tomato...

there are numerous people without whom rtsr would never have become what it is today, most of them are rtsr-trade members by now. big thanks to everyone who helped us along the way.

the list is open to anyone, not just for trading but for discussion about anything vaguely trade/uw/tomato related. feel free to join and lurk or post as you wish.


- Graham Cooke

the rules
rtsr-trade has been around too long for it to be ruined by bad trading. we are not here to annoy record companies or to make money, so anything that is readily available can not be traded on the list. we are here to collect rare and live underworld, and are quite happy with our reputation as is.

thus if you break the rules once you will be cautioned, twice and you will be banned from rtsr. so far we have only had to ban a few people so please be nice :)

what you can trade/share on the list :

1 . bootlegs / live gigs (bar "everything, everything")
2 . remixes by karl/rick/darren
3 . remixes of underworld/lemon interrupt by other artists not featured as b-sides
4 . merchandise (posters etc.)
5 . anything else (within reason) not listed below...
6 . promo that are played and recorded off the radio / tv
7 . fan made remixes


How do I get the Underworld Bootlegs that everyone talks about?

Traditionally, rtsr members TRADE bootlegs with each other by using either CD-R through 'snail-mail' or file transfer through the internet.

How do I set up a trade?

Just ask by posting a message to the list, and maybe offer a list of what you have to trade.

But I don't have anything to trade...

You can also download some bootlegs from one of the rtsr FTP sites. (please ask on the list for information about it)

Tree? lloyd from RTSR explains it very nicely:

It is very simple. The source (root) copies his cd(s) and is mailing them to 2 or more branches, those branches copie 2 or more cds and mail them to other branches or to (a) leave(s). Leaves are people that have no burner or just the end of the mailing chain because there are not more people to mail to. After setting up the whole list of who is mailing who, this looks like a tree :)

A couple tiny details:

A tree is supposed to do 2 things:
1) Spead out a recording to a large number of people very efficiently
2) Get trading going on between people

When you get the show from the person above you, the two of you can work out a trade for it. Your branch may just give it to you for free, but the de facto standard is to trade for it. This could be anything from swapping shows, to blanks, to children, etc. Talk to the person
a bove you in the tree and see what you two agree on!

example -> http://terrarum.net/rtsr/


Bootleg Babies

"bootleg babies" was a project the fan of underworld on the rtsr-trade mailing list did last year, "We wanted to make a mix with the best tracks from Underworld bootlegs we had gathered over the years, a bit like Underworld did with Everything, Everything. It keep the list busy for a while since all the track where choosen with extensive polls on the list. The member choose the track that would be included, from wich source, the name of the cd and the artwork. Geoff mixed the whole thing so well it's hard to believe this is coming from 7-8 different bootlegs ranging from various quality. We distributed the cd from fan to fan around the world I think a good 150 copies where made of it, so for all you who couldn't get it last year you can now enjoy it. I hope you will enjoy those files" -Yannick Joubert

these days, we are constantly bombarded with digital information. it passes through our skin 24hrs a day and we dont even twitch. its amazing we havn't all gone crazy yet. but there are huge bundles of zeroes and ones out there that when added together equal something far beyond the cold calculated technology of our world. that something is the music of underworld. that something is organic in that it has given birth to communities with members numbering in the thousands. they are organic as well. alive. teeming with ideas and action and feeling. and even though we can't really visualize how big it actually is it all boils to down to us. sitting in front of our computers. at work at home on the road dreaming and listening it was during one of those moments that the idea for this project first came up. me at a desk in a large space with large windows not streching my legs enough. almost bored to tears but feeling happy because you were all out there with me and we listened together. and together we came up with the idea to order those zeroes and ones our own way to pay homage and to celebrate and to make it all the more interesting

Seattle, WA


21 41 juanita/kiteless/to dream of love, 1996 Munich, Germany
06 16 rowla, 1999.05.13 Köln, Germany
05 19 bruce lee, 1999.03.20, Tilburg, Holland
06 26 kittens, 1999.06.26 Glastonbury, UK
11 10 dark train, 1999.01.01 London, UK
13 50 born slippy, 1996 Munich, Germany
09 49 born slippy .nuxx, 1999.01.01 London, UK
00 38 outro, 1999.05.13 Köln Germany


01 25 intro, 1998.11.14 Gent, Belgium
08 25 mmm... skyscraper, i love you, 1999.01.01 London, UK
11 15 push upstairs, 1999.01.01 London, UK
08 32 confusion the waitress, 1996.05.27 Pinkpop Festival, Holland
09 54 king of snake, 1999.05.13 Köln, Germany
10 14 jumbo, 1999.03.20 Tilburg, Holland
10 39 moaner, 1999.03.20 Tilburg, Holland
17 12 rez/cowgirl, 1996.08.25 Reading Festival, UK

Download the artwork

Production credit:

concept: -1, jason.
audio director : geoff.
mixed by: geoff.
audio research : yannick, jason, phil.
art director : scott, yannick
art concept : adam, yannick, mike
artists : yannick, jason, -1, joe t, kameron,
dave, mark, michael, dean, scott, andrew, mike
art selection : the members of rtsr-trade.
website : graham, yannick
distribution : joe t.
ftp and sound storage : chris beck.
tracklisting : the members of rtsr-trade.
general admin : geoff, yannick, -1, graham, scott.
thanks from geoff : alberto moreno, chris beck, philip huntley, rtsr.org, dirty.org, uw. and everyone who helped in the project.

Power ON

discription here



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So here we are, please once you have joined please send a mail to the list to say hello.

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